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A Reason To Laugh
The following was written because the very premise of the snake trying to write is just too damn funny to ignore.  The events depicted herein are completely accurate; the thoughts, perhaps less so.  From the invaded privacy of the lamia sorceress to the eyes of the curious, here you are!  Enjoy! -The Secret Seeker
The lamia sitting behind the computer was completely pleased with herself, fingers randomly mashing the keys upon the keyboard.  She was humming a rather pleasant tune as she sat behind the computer, eyes upon the screen.
"Writing's gonna be easy!" she exclaimed.  She finally stopped mashing the keyboard and brought her hands up to rub her palms together in a gleeful manner.  "I'll show everyone that anyone can write if they put their minds to it!"  She looked at the screen for several long moments.  The longer she looked at it, though, her gleeful demeanor began to fall.
"Though this is my first time ev
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Mature content
Saving the Seeker, Pt. 5 :iconwindseeker04:Windseeker04 1 3
Soulborne Ceriss by Windseeker04 Soulborne Ceriss :iconwindseeker04:Windseeker04 19 57
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Seefa, the Alraune by Windseeker04
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A Different Kind of Exercise :iconwindseeker04:Windseeker04 7 13
Saving the Seeker, Pt. 4
                                                                     Day One, 7:54 AM
"Remind me again why this is a good idea."  It wasn't like Endric to question Ceriss, and the princess knew that.  Thus far, he'd kept pretty quiet about her willingness to commit crimes, as long as it meant she'd meet the Secret Seeker.  The fact that he was speaking out, however, didn't irritate Ceriss; it only made her feel safer, knowing that he was concerned about her.
"Because we need her, Endric," the princess replied, turning her head to look at her knight.  The pair was presently hidden in an alleyway, and Endric was standing behind her, facing forward, so she could afford to lower her guard.  "And we're running out of time, if the rumors are to be believed."
"If the rumors are right, we'v
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Zundera, the Strider Knight by Windseeker04 Zundera, the Strider Knight :iconwindseeker04:Windseeker04 23 38 Calyn, Ningheim Blademaster by Windseeker04 Calyn, Ningheim Blademaster :iconwindseeker04:Windseeker04 2 7
She Who Was Perilously Forgotten, Pt. 8
So perhaps there was more to the beautiful woman than Calyn had first thought.
She'd chosen to remain in the barrow's entrance area, despite knowing that the woman had likely thought to dismiss her.  Although the Dragonborn had been inclined to leave at first, the storm still raged outside, and Calyn had no idea when the storm would subside.  She wasn't going to freeze to death out there, though, and so she remained in the first room of the barrow itself, warmed by the crackling fires of the braziers and definitely much more comfortable.
She thought back to the entire encounter with the woman as her eyes watched the flames dance and flicker.
"Little Dragonborn girl.  I must say, you have surprised me in killing many of my servants."  These were the first words that had come from the beautiful woman's lips, and every last one of them had set Calyn even further upon her guard.  A necromancer, then?
"Your servants."  Her grip tightened as she prepared f
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She Who Was Perilously Forgotten, Pt. 6
Her injuries itched.
It wasn't anything new to the Dragonborn.  Oftentimes - more so in the distant past, admittedly - she would sustain injuries that wouldn't fade as quickly as others.  Every so often, they would itch, and she'd either have to be careful scratching it, or do her best to ignore it.
This time, however... well, this was an old scar of hers.  A remnant from a particularly difficult battle against a very powerful foe.  She had been amazed she'd lived at all, to be perfectly honest, but she'd survived it.
When she'd fought Alduin in Sovngarde, he'd managed to knock her onto her back, and before she could roll to safety, he'd slammed his claws down upon her body.  Luckily, his sharp claws avoided piercing anything vital, but he had managed to pierce her armor and wound her left arm.  It had inhibited her ability to fight at first, but with time and some magical treatments since then, the injury had healed nicely.  She had a scar where his
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Mature content
Saving the Seeker, Pt. 3 :iconwindseeker04:Windseeker04 1 4
Eilychka by Windseeker04 Eilychka :iconwindseeker04:Windseeker04 12 23

Think it's safe to say that Claire's going full villain in 'Morality Inversion', so that's what I'll plan on writing when I start it. I can still prepare for the future, though! Who should be next in 'Morality Inversion'? 

6 deviants said Ceriss
4 deviants said Thyssian
4 deviants said Secret Seeker
2 deviants said Layla
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a writer and a gamer, not an expert with a sketchpad - although I'd be lying if I said I didn't WANT to be.

Current Residence: Multiverse Convergence Point 0001A
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Metal
Favourite style of art: Anime, Fantasy Scenes
Operating System: Windows 10
MP3 player of choice: My phone
Favourite cartoon character: Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!)
So, a friend of mine did something rather interesting, and I'd like to try it out myself.  That said, some of the questions may feel... awkward.  To counter that, I'm changing things up for my own rendition.

If you'd like to know the answers to the questions below, leave a comment.  If you think it'd feel awkward because... well, me... feel free to specify one of my OCs instead, and they'll answer.

Claire: Wait... we don't get a say in this?

Me: Nope.  So, with that in mind... here are the questions!

♔ If we lived together... ♔
[ ] argue all the time
[ ] sex, sex, sex  
[ ] watch movies
[ ] prank call
[ ] chat         
[ ] play fight
[ ] cuddle       
[ ] kiss~             
[ ] throw a mean party
[ ] make out      
[ ] whatever you want    
[ ] I wouldn't want to live with you

♔ If we kissed by accident, I would... ♔
[ ] bite your lip softly   
[ ] kiss you back        
[ ] slap you
[ ] laugh about it
[ ] stand there wondering if I should kiss you again
[ ] it wouldn't happen
[ ] it'll never ever ever ever happen, so don't get your hopes up

♔ If you held my hand, I would... ♔
[ ] lock my fingers in between yours
[ ] stand there like what the corn muffins are you doing  
[ ] let you keep it 
[ ] pull away
[ ] idk 

♔ If you hugged me, I would... ♔
[ ] hug you back  
[ ] push away
[ ] be shocked 
[ ] i wouldn't hug you

♔ Would I date you? ♔
[ ] yeah
[ ] maybe    
[ ] nahhhhh
[ ] idk 
[ ] nah we're basically brother/sister
[ ] already have

♔ If we walked home together, I'd... ♔
[ ] hold your hand
[ ] push you in a bush
[ ] trip you and run
[ ] give you a biiiiiiig hug 
[ ] have a heart to heart conversation  
[ ] act like idiots 

♔ I can see us... ♔
[ ] living together  
[ ] being close   
[ ] not talking
[ ] married
[ ] chilling  
[ ] partying together

♔ You should... ♔
[ ] talk to me more  
[ ] chill with me
[ ] write on my page  
[ ] stop being a stranger
[ ] text me
[ ] call me
[ ] skype with me  
[ ] put this as your journal so i can comment on it

Claire: ...Dafuq?

Me: Shush.  You know you're going to have fun with this.  Just sit back and enjoy it.

Secret Seeker: Speak for yourself and for her, not the rest of us!

Me: Don't be so dramatic.  There are a variety of answers.

Secret Seeker: That's... true.
  • Listening to: Stuff I grew up with
  • Playing: 7 Days to Die, Super Mario Maker (3DS)
  • Drinking: Gold Peak Tea, Mike's Hard Lemonade


Co-Worker: 'You're buying that drink?  I tried it, and it tasted like cough syrup.'

Me: "Ahh, it's probably not that bad.  Everyone has different tastes."

*gets home, does some other life stuff, opens drink and takes sip*

Me: "...Oh gods, it really DOES taste like cough syrup..."

Moral of the Story: I should listen to my new co-worker's alcohol recommendations more often. XD
Not even 5 minutes after clocking out, I bought a 6-pack of alcohol and listened to Dope's 'Die MF Die' all the way home.

It was a night, to put it lightly.
Just finished Tales of Berseria...

I have no words to describe how amazing I thought it was.
From what I've seen of her so far... I think I have a new all-time waifu... why is Velvet Crowe such an amazing character...?  (Not that far in Tales of Berseria just yet; just reached the area after Hellawes.)
Well, Gallery is organized (or rather, stuff is in the appropriate Folders and, in the case of stories, placed in chronological order).  No putting it off this time. ^^


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