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The Price of Vengeance, Ch. 3
Claire's mind still spun a little.  She wasn't used to seeing people die before her, only to then be resurrected.  She was doubly uncertain what to make of Ceriss basically holding that power.  Just what WAS the princess' power...?
The Dark Spark had walked away from the shattered remains of her home and taken a path away from it, leaving Ceriss to talk with Seleth.  Neither the princess nor the elf wanted to even acknowledge Claire's presence; Ceriss seemed intent on ignoring her existence, while Seleth tried, through body language, to silently convey that Claire should be talking with the Dark Spark instead.
Beforehand, the lamia would have simply scoffed at the notion and shot it down without a thought.  After what she'd learned, however, there was no time like the present to talk to her enemy... her former enemy.  The wrong enemy?  She had no idea how to think of the Dark Spark now.
She did follow the purple-haired woman's path, though, and kept a
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The Price of Vengeance, Ch. 2
No.  No way.  This had to be some elaborate trick from the Dark Spark, some sort of ruse.  This couldn't possibly be-
Claire's thoughts of denial were cut short as the spirit presumably turned to face her, and she could have sworn her heart stopped from that alone.  To her surprise, it seemed to nod in her direction - respect?  No, this thing practically radiated malevolence and sinister intent.  Was it mocking her - silently thanking her for freeing it?
Freeing it.  That was exactly what she'd done, wasn't it?  Both Ceriss AND the Dark Spark had tried warning her not to do it, but she'd done it anyway.  She'd killed the murderer... denied her life... and effectively threw open the door to the spirit's prison.
She tried to collect her thoughts.  No, she couldn't freak out.  She had thwarted the Dark Spark, killed her.  Surely this spirit could be so easily defeated?  She'd crushed that sinister little spark all that time
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The Price of Vengeance, Ch. 1
It had taken... far too long.  Claire wasn't used to being forced to wait.  True, she wasn't used to getting her way immediately, but this... THIS had taken far too long.
The lamia had only thought them rumors at first: seemingly sentient sparks of dark lightning flitting about this way and that, wreaking havoc upon all that live - as well as said living beings' dwellings.  Every single time she left to investigate, however, she could never find proof of such... nothing, save charred buildings and bodies burnt to ash.  As much as she wanted to believe the murderer had had a hand in that, she couldn't dismiss the possibility of someone with control over fire being responsible.
Then she'd seen the first.  A malevolent spark, comprised of the very power she recognized all too well... made peculiar by the almost comical fangs adorning its mouth.  It, too, seemed to sense her - for it bolted straight at her.  Even serpentine swiftness wasn't enough for Cla
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Grand Lotus :iconwindseeker04:Windseeker04 4 37
Unlikely Heroine, Pt. 3
It had been... an interesting past two days.  Ceriss hadn't once been released from the vines that supposedly protected her from detection, meaning she was feeling rather stiff and sore.  Seefa had taken to feeding the princess so she wouldn't starve.  Relieving herself had been... a very interesting matter that Ceriss didn't want to dwell on.
It hadn't been uneventful or boring, however.  Ceriss had many questions for the alraune soul darkener, and Seefa answered every last one of them as truthfully as she could.  There were some questions she didn't know the answer to, but Ceriss would have been just slightly suspicious if she had all the answers.  In return for all the questions she'd asked Seefa, the pinkette had opted to answer all questions Seefa had for her.
She wasn't certain she would call Seefa a 'good friend' - good friends typically don't keep each other captive, after all - but she did like the alraune, and they got along pretty well when Ceri
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Hyper Girl's Earlier Days (Contest Entry!)
'Investigate the docks', they said.  'You'll be fine', they said.
Yeah right.
Hyper Girl had grown to not believe people when they said such things.  'Oh, it's safe, so you can totally drink it!'  'Oh, that breaks off all the time, so it's normal!  You can still totally make the climb!'  'Oh, it's just a supervillain terrorizing the people.  You can totally take him!'
In the first experience, she'd gotten sick drinking... whatever it was she'd been handed.  In the second, that thing that kept breaking off made her fall, and were she not a superheroine, it probably would have broken her neck.  As for that supervillain... well, alright, she did manage to take him down, but only after he'd beaten her a few times and otherwise left her feeling pathetic.  She had to take him by surprise to take him down.
Still, she had managed to tell herself 'what could possibly be wrong at the docks?', and decided it couldn't truly hurt to investigate this time
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Unlikely Heroine, Pt. 2
At first, Ceriss felt comfortable.  It felt like she was swaddled in a somewhat warm blanket, and was protected from the world outside.  She was initially content to just relax there.
Then she recalled what had happened to her in the small clearing, and that made her eyes open.  She saw nothing; darkness greeted her immediate view.  Panicking that she'd somehow lost her sight, she began to writhe against the swaddling 'blanket' - which she assumed were vines, if her memory served her right.
The 'blanket' tightened around her briefly, making her groan in protest - it squished her forearms into her chest in particular, and that actually started to hurt.  She eventually stopped, and the vines stopped trying to crush her.  Just as she was considering another attempt at struggling, several of the vines around her head loosened, then released her.
Blinding sunlight greeted her eyes, and she snapped her eyes shut, hissing in pain from the sudden brilliance.
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Mature content
A Reason To Act :iconwindseeker04:Windseeker04 2 4
Out of the Shadows :iconwindseeker04:Windseeker04 1 19
Mature content
Lumera Moonflare, Highborne Sorceress :iconwindseeker04:Windseeker04 6 36
All I Need
How long had they had each other's backs?  That single question left the blonde Conqueror of Thalsteim pondering the past from her seat.  It was another quiet day in Thalsgarde, just the way she liked it.  Nothing demanded her attention, no renegades thought to try and defy the peace she'd established... even the former general of the late Emperor's mage armies had decided today was a day she wanted to spend away from the blonde.
Almarian was most certainly not complaining.  She quite valued the quiet.  She was able to actually sit and relax for a change.  The large sofa upon which she sat was definitely comfortable - as expected of furnishings befitting the ruler of a country, of course - and offered her a rather breathtaking view of the eastern sprawl of Thalsgarde, just outside the wide window across from her.  Sometimes, she liked to listen to Thalsteim classical while she looked out the window; today, however, she sat in silence.
Well, relative s
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Not Her Expected Outcome... :iconwindseeker04:Windseeker04 23 42
Mature content
Thyssian, the... Pin-Up Model? :iconwindseeker04:Windseeker04 13 73
Encounter and Revelation
Thyssian still couldn't quite explain it.  It wasn't as if the recently unearthed temple devoted to some obscure god or another would actually contain the secret to her salvation from the lightning spirit... would it?
So she had told herself when she'd first heard of it.  A little more research, however, seemed to suggest it may well be the case.
Like the ruins that sealed the fate of her old friends, and seemed to seal her own as well - though that was a fate she was determined to fight - this temple had been unearthed within a cavern.  An actual archaeological team had discovered this one, however, so there was no rash exploration, but rather careful planning for such a thing.
In the time it was taking them to prepare for an expedition to explore the ancient and abandoned temple, Thyssian had decided to explore it herself, to search for any sort of clues that could possibly point to the purging of spirits.  After all - and true, perhaps it was a stretch - temples
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Hug From Behind :iconwindseeker04:Windseeker04 11 14 Narvona, Regent of Thalsteim :iconwindseeker04:Windseeker04 2 5

Which character should I focus on with a new story? 

9 deviants said Claire
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2 deviants said Ceriss
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1 deviant said The Secret Seeker
No deviants said Almarian
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I'm a writer and a gamer, not an expert with a sketchpad - although I'd be lying if I said I didn't WANT to be.

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So by now, I've seen this idea from a couple of the people I watch (and that I consider friends).  I've already posed the question back at one of those individuals from their Comments section, but the question remains for everyone else...

Of the following three of my OCs, who would you marry, who would you fuck, and who would you kill?

The seductive lamia, Claire?  Claire's New Look by Windseeker04 

The fallen princess, Ceriss? Ceriss by Windseeker04 

The Dark Spark, Thyssian? Thyssian, the Dark Spark by Windseeker04 

(All artwork was drawn by dirtykuro! )
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Trying teh arts again.  Assuming I can get this done, it'll be... well, less than human.  (It's a character design.)
So that's fun and random.  As I sit here drawing (or trying to), I look at my hand as some sort of reference for how fingers curl, notice how my palm seems kinda circular, and for whatever reason, my very next thought was 'I wonder if God ever had artist's block?'

No idea. XD
So... that feeling when you start farming Obsidian like crazy in Terraria... only to then find out that, in the 3DS version (which is where I play it), it's not good for much in the way of weaponry or armor...
Feeling REEEAAALLY self-conscious right now... and like I messed just about everything up with my first drawing.  I personally feel like I should stick to writing, but meh...
I still have a couple things to do before I actually do it, but tomorrow, I'm going to make my best attempt at drawing... something.  I'll then upload it here, and we'll see what happens from there.  What I'd LIKE to draw... well, I already have a pretty clear mental image, so hopefully I can make it happen.

Still have to reinstall my Bamboo tablet's data and whatnot first, though... and then I was called in to work at my job, so I won't be drawing tonight, I'm sure.


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